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twelve zodiac signs meanings: Aries

Aries is ruled by mars the planet of action, aggression, war and sex. The Aries zodiac can make a person unnecessarily challenging, competitive, argumentative and successful. Aries likes to be first and won't settle for second. You can tell when an Aries walks into a room because he does so appearing confident and fearless. Click here to find aries compatibility,love matches or check out the zodiac love compatibility chart

twelve zodiac signs meanings: Taurus

Taurus is ruled by Venus. The zodiac sign meaning of Taurus is gentle, persistent, stubborn, steadfast, and sensual. This zodiac sign has also been know to be boring, plain, too organized and too materialistic. You can identify a Taurus by their natural ability to help others to organize their lives and provide support to friends in need. Get Taurus compatibility matches here.

twelve zodiac signs meanings: Gemini

Gemini is ruled by Mercury. The zodiac sign meaning of Gemini is of the twins. This, is indicative of Geminis dual personality and enormous urge to acquire a long term love partner in life...even better than that to find his "soul mate." Geminis can be argumentative, have addictive personalities and make excellent love partners and spouses. They tend to be faithful, supportive, and very undemanding. How can you tell when you have met a them charm the birds out of the trees!

twelve zodiac signs meanings: cancer

Cancer is ruled by the moon. The zodiac sign meaning of cancer is the crab. This is indicative of cancerians need to retreat when feeling hurt. however if you ever meet a cancerian when they are happy you will find them warm, friendly, and entertaining. How can you spot a cancerian in a group. He's the one who cracks the jokes that causes you to laugh out loud. Did Cancer make the list of "the best zodiac signs...?" find out!

twelve zodiac signs meanings: Leo

Leo is ruled by the sun. The zodiac sign meaning of Leo is the lion. This is indicative of Leos desire to be the king of all he does especially money and admiration. Leos love to be well regarded by their peers, and take consistent action to make this so. But they are not "show offs." They just want to be the king! A real king knows he is a king and will always be a king no matter what and has respect for others. Want to make a Leo happy? Say thank you meaningfully every time they do something for you. Check out the personality traits of Leo for more in formation.

twelve zodiac signs meaning; Virgo

Virgo doesn't really have a planet ruler ship, but most astrologers believe it might be chiron. Virgos are analytical, neat, discriminating, pure, down to earth, and obsessed with details. Virgos are also quite intelligent due to their ability to discriminate and categorize. Virgos are a mutable sign so they are flexible...Virgos are usually very successful because they are an earth sign and because they like to see things in order. This refers to getting the groceries done, getting the laundry done...all the day to day things of life, seem to come naturally to Virgo making them great long term partners.

twelve zodiac signs meanings: Libra

Libras planetary ruler ship is Venus. Libras love love! They also love to laze around with friends chatting away, and of course - in true Libran style... looking pretty / or handsome! Libras can do anything they make up their minds to do. They just need love to motivate them. Libras are fun relaxed, open minded, adventurous, and love to live life to the fullest. They make excellent marriage partners and parents and party planners. Libras excel at anything that allows them to socialize...especially in a one to one setting. All in Libras are fun and love to make those around them laugh.

twelve zodiac signs meanings: Scorpio

Scorpios planetary ruler is Pluto, the planet of intimacy regeneration and transformation. Scorpios triplicity is fixed, so they don't favour change. When a Scorpio loves you, you can pretty much bet it will be forever. They like to love for the "long haul." They will forgive you for most things as long as you do them "unintentionally," as opposed to intentionally. Scorpios motto in life is..."live and let live" They are very supportive of loved ones and expect total honesty in return. The Scorpio zodiac is one of my favourite signs. Keep up the good work Scorpio. Learn more about scorpio by checking out the "scorpio zodiac symbol" page.

twelve zodiac signs meanings: Sagittarius

Sagittarius is benevolent, optimistic, expansive and free! They don't like anybody telling them what to do. Why should they? They've got there own plan. In true fire sign fashion, a Sagittarius man or woman wants what they want, and goes out and gets it. You'll be left in the dust if you expect this zodiac to wait around for you. Sagittarius are always willing to help out a friend in need. They are ruled by lucky Jupiter, which loves freedom and adventure and of course the best of any and everything. Want to be friends with a about all the good fun things you plan to do in your life. Did Sagittarius make the list of "the best zodiac signs...?"

twelve zodiac signs meanings: Capricorn

Capricorn is the mature grandfather of the zodiac. He keeps time, understands the importance of being prepared, and keeps going until the job is complete. Capricorn zodiac in astrology is ruled by Saturn...the planet of lesson and maturity. Capricorns thrive on structure and rules, better than most zodiac signs would. This is why most Capricorns begin to really enjoy life in the later stages. As a cardinal sign...The Capricorn zodiac don't let the grass grow under their feet. When there is a task to be done - they get it done!

twelve zodiac signs meanings: Aquarius

Aquarius is the trend setter and the actor of the zodiac. They love to entertain groups of people. This could be with a wild story or with their on stage theatrical personality.
Aquarius are also planners. They like to improve their financial status and save money. Saving money is important to them so much so that they are willing to spend less "now" in order to have more money later. Aquarius are chatty...they don't know when they are talking too much. This is probably due to their planet ruler Aquarius who represents constant change and doesn't really seem to know where his place is. The best quality about Aquarius is they like every body and make friends easily.

twelve zodiac signs meanings: Pisces

Pisces are the feelers of the zodiac. Sometimes they take on the feelings of others not realizing that they are not their own. Pisces loves to be in touch with his or her own emotions. They dream of the perfect life...where feelings and emotions are a priority. Pisces need people in there life to ground them, otherwise there ruling planet Neptune can cause them to lose touch with reality. Apart from this, Pisces make great friends to talk to and spend time with as they are always just reaching for the ideal in all situations.

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