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This information on the star sign opposites is rarely discussed yet it is an important key component of compatibility star sign astrology. Through the opposities an astrologer can tell how much "pull" or attraction a couple will have towards eachother...and in the case of extreme incompatibility...how not compatible a couple really is. There are certain planetary placements where having opposing planets between zodiac signs are helpful....but mostly opposites signs cause a high sense of physical attraction, "strain" and misunderstandings in communication. Lets examine some of those opposing zodiac star signs.

star sign compatibility for aries and libra in love

For these two star signs life can be bliss ful or miserable. Libra and Aries can make it as best friends...but this will be the magic work and understanding of the Libra to pull this one off. Aries in astrology represents the self, and thinks in terms of "I!"
Libra represents a couple or a marriage in astrology and thinks interms of "we." Having to remind Aries to think in terms of "us" can be exhausting on poor Libra. Initially There will be alot of physical attraction between these two...but later they will need something more in common to keep them together. To find out more about zodiacs in love check out the zodiac love compatibility chart!

the best star sign compatibilities for aries are ...aries, sagittarius, and gemini check out the love matches page for more information

star sign compatibility for taurus and scorpio in love

Yikes! I cant imagine what a relationship would be like between these two but here goes. This is not a good love match. Yes the chemistry between these two will be sky high..but at the end of the day they are much too different. Now, there is some common ground in the fact that an abundance of money saved up and or invested is important to both these star signs...but in terms of values, they differ greatly. Scorpio is set in his ways and believes he understands life from a spiritual and emotional level. Taurus is also set in his ways and believes he understands life from a "more is more" practical aspect. One is feelings the other is too earthly.

the best star sign compatibilities for scorpio are...scorpio, cancer and pisces...check out the free astrological compatibility chart for more in formation

star sign love compatibility for gemini and sagittarius in love

These two star signs could hit it off initially thinking they have found the one....but after some time...they may just end up annoyed at the other ones way of thinking. Gemini is open and doesn't have a care in the world about what is being said. Free with thought...fun conversation...listen and share....these are some of the best Gemini qualities. Sagittarius...takes life seriously when it comes to looking good...spiritual growth...and expansion and opportunities...Sagittarius takes what is being said seriously. These two just need to go and hang out with other people who understand them. Nothing much to say here. Oh yeah if thats not enough...they both! have explosive tempers....not good!

the best star sign compatibilities for gemini are...gemini, libra, and aquarius...check the page on the character traits of a gemini

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star sign love compatibiltiy for cancer and capricorn in love

Cancer and capricorn...again these two are very different...but if there is any oppositie love match I have hope for its these two. Cancer is the nurturer, the home maker of the zodiac. Domestic life is something they crave...and work hard to create a family life that is happy and comfortable. Capricorn likes to show off...but not through words and not intentionally. They do so by having many accomplishments under their belt, for others can measure them selves against. Why would this pairing work in love. Because Caprcorn appreciates a comforable home and Cancer appreciates a person who wants - to "bring home the bacon." As long as these two are honest with eachother...going long term should be a happy experience for both.

star sign love compatibility for leo and aquarius in love

Ok these two should just go there separate way from the get go. The problem will center around money. So...there is hope for these two after all. If these two have separate incomes...they can stay together a long time. So heres the deal. Leo loves to spend without a care in the world and wants to live in the moment. They believe in paying the bill for them selves and their friends for a night out on the town. Aqaurius is very frugal...they like to search for deals in shopping and they plan everything...sometimes up to a year in advance. Pay for friends to party? Nope! Not Aqaurius...they believe that friends can pay their own way. So there you have it.

star sign love compatibility for virgo and pisces in love

I feel bad for the Pisces just thinking about these two in love. I actually worked with a girl who was a virgo and her boyfriend a pisces. The way she spoke to him on her cell phone was unreal. I found it very rude. Then I remembered this is very natrual for a virgo. They feel they are just telling you like it is, but for a Pisces, the wrong choice of words from a loved one, can mean hurt feelings...and let me tell you...you don't want a pisces in your life feeling like you have deliberately hurt them...you will pay - ten fold! These two dont have much in common. They are much better as friends than lovers. If it is to work - they would be better off if the man is the virgo, and the woman is the pisces...this should counter balance some of the virgoan need to criticize. Have fun you two.

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